How to order

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Postage Type: Normal / Registered / Home Delivery (please select)

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Normal mail - $1.00 on the first item and $0.50 for subsequent item.

Registered mail – Additional $2.50 (recommended), $50 and above purchase FREE Registered mail.

Home delivery - $5.00 per trip (FREE delivery can be arrange if purchase $80 and above)

2nd) Once your order received, we will send you a confirmation EMAIL or SMS to verify and confirm your order. Please transfer the total amount of your order to us within 24 hours else transaction will be cancelled.

3rd) If you have completed the transaction, kindly send us a email or sms including the below following to notify us:

- Name / Initial of the person

- Transaction number

- Date / Time of the transfer

4th) Once everything is completed as above mentioned, your order of the items will be send out on the next working day.